User Management & Security

Managing User Rights Administration, Security & Audit Trail; made easy.

TrustBankCBS User Administration / Security Solution facilitates creation of Bank’s Internal Users to access functionality of Core Banking Software. TrustBankCBS User Management Solution, is a centralized functionality for the System Administration to assign Branch rights, Menu Rights, Maker-Checker Rights, Action rights in Core Banking Software.

The System maintains complete log of Rights assigned / altered to the users. A detailed audit trail of access, actions made by the users in various application forms is maintained in the Audit Trail Functionality. TrustBankCBS is a complete solution suite of all Modules, Add-ons, Interfaces on a single and Unified Platform. Although the Solutions are modular in nature, TrustBankCBS facilitates Single Sign-on for user to access all functionalities on the TrustBankCBS Platform.

TrustBankCBS User Module Provides Additional Security / Authentication (for 2-Factor Authentication) with choice from:

  •         Active Directory Integration

  •         Biometric Authentication

  •         Digi-Pass OTP System Integration

  •         SMS OTP System Integration

TrustBankCBS ‘Digital Signing’ utility facilitates Digital Signing of the Documents with the Digital Sign of the logged in user. The ‘Digital Signing’ utility is useful in Digital Signing(on a Single Click) of Multiple Files of Invoices, CTS Files, RTGS/NEFT Files which are sent to Third Parties.

Various Solutions Features Supported by User Administration Module includes:

  • Edit / Delete of User and User Rights; Log Maintenance
  • 2-Factor Authentication for User Login
  • Authorized Access to Application Based on User Rights
  • Audit Trail of Customer Registration
  • User Level Wise Authorizations
  • Creation of User Roles
  • User Rights Templates setting for User Roles
  • Creation of Users
  • Setting Up Password Policies
  • Define User Levels, User Rights, Maker / Checker Rights

Below Key Features enable BFSI to avail maximum benefits of ‘Agency Banking’ solution:

  • Centralized System; Centralized User Administration for Entire Bank Users.
  • Centralized Branch Transfer of Users
  • Log of User Access Rights Addition / Removal and Transfers
  • Intact Audit Trail for earlier branch operations by User in case of Altering of User Rights and Branch.
  • Secured 2-Factor Authentication for Login
  • H.O. User gets Authorized Reports Access to all branches AND Consolidated Reporting
  • User Login from Any Location
  • Machine Level Identification for Teller / Cashier Users
  • Pre-Configured User Levels, User Roles and User Right Templates
  • Digital Signing of Important Documents

TrustBankCBS ‘User Admin & Security’module ensures below benefits for the BFSI organization:

  • 360-degree view User Operations.
  • Branchless Operations with Transfers / Logins from Any Branch
  • Authorized Access to User for only essential Functionality and Data.
  • Protection of Sensitive and Confidential Data
  • Data Security and Protection from Data Theft
  • Behavioural Analysis of Users
  • Protection from Cyber Threats and Malicious Hacking Attempts
  • Password Policies and 2-Factor Authentication Ensures Presences & Identification of User while Login.
  • Storage and Sharing of Authenticated and Digitally Signed Documents
  • Identification of User Mistakes / Errors.


Commercial Banks

Commercial Banking Solutions ensure constant growth and profitable business you serve. Its advantage lies in the extensive domain knowledge.

Trade Finance

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Trade Financing Products.

Gandchiroli DCC Bank

Gadchiroli DCCB Bank implements TrustBankCBS End-To-End Core Banking Solution with MicroFinance Group Lending, Agricultural Loan Products, GOI Schemes.