Loan Origination

Mobile & Web based System; Ensure Checks, Credit Scoring & quick turn around.

LOS Solution empowers BFSI with an Online Interface on its website to facilitate acquisition of Loan Applications. This facilitates connecting to Online Loan Applicants who are used to using Internet and Smartphones and prefers to submit Loan Applications & Documents online.

LOS allows BFSI to Launch its Loan Schemes online, Self-service Interfaces of EMI Calculators, Ready reckoners for Loan Eligibility, Documents Checklists thus facilitating 24 X 7 Loan Applicantions acquisition and Appraisals process.

A pre-configured work-flows for Credit Scoring, Document Checklist, Approvals helps upto 50% reduction in Turnaround time. LOS also provides mobile based access to Applicants and Bank Management for status-tracking. .

LOS provides end-to-end automation solutions for Loan Origination. The solution offer comprehensive features of:

  • Pre-configured Workflows for Retail Loans, Corporate Loans.
  • Configurable and Parameterized to specific practices of BFSI.
  • Ready Reckoners for Eligibility, EMI.
  • Documents Checklist, Document Management.
  • KYC check, Credit Bureau Check, Credit Rating.
  • Notifications & Dashboard.
  • System for Origination process by Credit Section in Branches & HO.
  • Amount based Approval Workflow of officers, managers and management.
  • Configurable Fees / Charges Engine; Activity based auto charges posting.
  • Agency based Loans.
  • Third Party Integrations like PAN Verification, Credit Bureau, Core Banking.


  • 24 X 7 online access for Loan Application, Application Status Tracking, Documents Upload.
  • Automation of Credit Department Process; Correct documentation of every loan case.
  • Applicant Credit Score / Credit Eligibility Computation based on uploaded documents.
  • Document Management System for Storage and Retrieval of Documents uploaded by branches OR online by applicant.
  • Uniform credit appraisal techniques and processes across all loan products and all credit officers.
  • Configurable Charges Engine; Automated posting of Service Charges.
  • Online role based access to external agencies like valuation, lawyer, architect for quick responses.
  • Loan approvals with exceptions, Recording of exceptions.
  • Complete work flow of hierarchical authorisations by credit officers, committees and management..
  • Online Integration with credit bureau system and e-Kyc system for identifying online credit score and online KYC of the applicant.
  • Standardisation of Templates for Sanction Letter, Agreements.
  • MIS, Dashboards to management for the Product wise status of loan applications, turnaround time.
  • Simple GUI, Secured Solution.
  • Uniform Platform, Seamless Integration with other modules in TrustBankCBS Suite.


  • Reduced TAT (Turn Around Time) which is essential for acquisition of good and secured loan applicants AND excel in competition with other BFSI.
  • Sound Credit Appraisals and Documentation ensures minimum risk of turning into bad loans.
  • Proper evaluation can be done using set rules bringing in more transparency.
  • Correct and Uniform documentations of Security, Agreements ensures better recovery.
  • Uniform software and Platform for LOS operations by branches, central credit section, Agencies.
  • 24 X 7 real-time system; Online Customer Acquisition.
  • Increased business opportunities, reduction in operation cost.


Agency Banking

Helps customer to avail banking services in convinient and simplified manner through a network of local agents and merchants.

Co-operative Banks

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Co-operative Banking Products.

Bantra Urban Co-op Bank

The Chiplun Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd. (CUCBL) implements MPassbook, CKYC, Credit Bureau Integration by Trust Systems and Software (I) Pvt. Ltd. (TSSIPL)