Deposit Management

Configurable Solutions to offer attractive deposit products to market.

TrustBankCBS offers complete deposit management solution enabling BFSI to offer and manage various deposit products.

A configurable and scalable deposit products and workflow have benefited Banks to Grow its deposits, maximize revenues for service charges on deposit accounts.

TrustBankCBS have enabled banks to maintain strong deposit portfolio, which have grown the lending capacity of banks along withhigher security for the loans.

TrustBankCBS facilitates branchless banking in servicing the deposit account holders. The deposit account is served at any-time, any-where thro’ multiple delivery channels and customer service units.

TrustBankCBS Deposit Management complies to all Anti-Money Laundering compliances while creating a deposit account and withdrawals from the account.

TrustBankCBS Deposit Account Management Solutions operates thro’ multiple channels of Branch Operations, Customer Service Unit, Agency Banking. The Deposit Management Solutions strictly comply to requirements of KYC Compliance and AML compliance. Various Deposit Management Solutions offered in TrustBankCBS includes:

  • Products / Schemes Configurator for Various Deposit Account Types.
  • CASA Account Opening, Funding, Withdrawals, Interest Activities, Account Closures.
  • MicroFinance Compulsory Savings Accounts, Caution Money Deposit Accounts Management.
  • Various Term Deposit Products viz. Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Daily Deposits.
  • Term Deposits Account Opening, Funding, Interest Activities, Pre-mature Closure, Maturity Closure.
  • Pay Order, Demand Draft, Cheques, Any-where transaction, Standing Instructions, Lien of Deposit Account, And many more Banking Services for Deposit Accounts

TrustBankCBS facilitates the Deposits Management Services at Bank Branches, doorstep servicing thro’ Agency, electronic digital banking channels BUILT on uniform TrustBankCBS platform and common data repository. This architecture facilitates real-time access to Deposit Account information thro' Any-where and Any-time Banking Channels. The key features of Deposit Management includes:

  • Product Configurator to design deposit products as per market needs.
  • Configurable Account Codification Logic.
  • Unique Account Number across the bank.
  • Any-time, Any-where account servicing.
  • Configurable Charges Engine; Automated posting of Service Charges on deposit accounts.
  • Customer Self-service and Omni-channel support.
  • Seamless Integration with TrustBankCBS modules.
  • Simple GUI, Secured Solution.

TrustBankCBS Deposit Management Solutions have benefited our BFSI customers in many countries globally. It has ensured seamless operations, team collaboration in servicing Deposit Customers. The value delivered by Deposit Management Solutions are:

  • Real time availability of KYC information.
  • Effective Monitoring of suspicious transactions.
  • Risk Profiling / Categorization of the customer. Statutory AML Compliance
  • 360-degree customer overview with Term Deposits, Shares, Loans, Guarantors, TDS etc.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management.
  • Elimination of duplicity of work; Efficiency in operations.



Solutions governed by both local and international standards. It follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines for financial accounting.

Small Finance Bank

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Small Finance Banking Products.

Chandrapur DCC Bank

Implements TrustBankCBS Core Banking Software with Clearing, Mandates Clearing System, for Statutory Compliance, Business Intelligence for Decision Support.