Know Your Customer

Seamless solution for customer onboarding and KYC Compliance.

KYC Solution in TrustBankCBS Suite enables BFSI to overcome the challenges adapting to ever updating the KYC Information requirements as mandated by Central Banks and statutory bodies.

Continual upgradations in KYC module, eunsres that BFSI shall never be at risk of allowing doubtful registration of accounts, and non-compliance of mandatory statutory Anti-Money Laundering Compliances.

TrustBankCBS KYC Solution facilitates BFSI to be closely networked to other BFSI organizations, Credit Bureaus and Government agencies to capture correct customer identification information, validate it with central registries AND share with other network members.

TrustBankCBS KYC Solutions ensures, BFSI records and validates all mandatory KYC Information, while providing efficient customer on-boarding services at Branches, on-Field Customer Service Units and Online Customer registrations. The maker-checker workflow facilitates monitoring and authorization of registered customer by with all KYC Compliance information.

  • Customer On boarding workflow in CBS Branch Operations.
  • Electronic KYC verification (E-KYC) thro’ biometric authentication of customer.
  • Customer On boarding workflow in Agency Banking.
  • Solution for C-KYC (i.e. Central KYC Registry) through interface for KYC information uploading and synchronization i.e. reconciliation with KYC info registered with other BFSI organizations.

TrustBankCBS Solutions, although designed for separate service groups offering services to customers. Although these solutions are modular in nature, all solutions are on common platform and maintains common data repository. This architecture facilitates real-time access to KYC information processed thro’ different KYC solutions offered in TrustBankCBS.

  • Unique Customer Id across the Bank.
  • Customer Identification thro’ UID Document No. like Passport No., Driving License No., PAN No. etc.
  • Uniform Platform, Seamless Integration with other modules in TrustBankCBS Suite.
  • Continual upgradation for ever changing statutory compliances.
  • Maker-Checker work flow for customer onboarding.
  • Storage of scanned KYC documents viz.: Photograph, Signature, Identification Document etc.
  • Simple GUI, Secured Solution.

TrustBankCBS KYC Solutions have benefited our BFSI customers in many countries globally. TrustBankCBS KYC Solutions have facilitated full compliances, efficiency, team collaboration in service customers at different service point. The value delivered by KYC Solutions are:

  • Real time availability of KYC information.
  • Statutory Compliance.
  • Effective Monitoring of suspicious transactions.
  • Risk Profiling / Categorization of the customer.
  • 360-degree customer overview with Term Deposits, Shares, Loans, Guarantors, TDS etc.
  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management
  • Elimination of duplicity of work; Efficiency in operations



Solutions governed by both local and international standards. It follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines for financial accounting.

Islamic Banking

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Islamic Banking Products.

Gandhibag Sahakari Bank

Implements TrustBankCBS Core Banking Software with Clearing, Mandates Clearing System, for Statutory Compliance, Business Intelligence for Decision Support.