Anti Money Laundering

Platform to manage Risks in multi-channel digital banking.

TrustBankCBS AML platform facilitates BFSI to orient its banking operations towards governance and internal control for compliance to domestic and international statutory AML requirements.

TrustBankCBS AML platform adds monitoring, analytical and surveillance capabilities to BFSI for financial crime detection based on the AML Alerts generated from the watch-list, KYC and configured AML exception parameters.

TrustBankCBS AML platform offers a single and unified solution on TrustBankCBS platform in real-time integration with various modules of TrustBankCBS Solution suite.

TrustBankCBS AML with its proven functionality solutions, serves banks with continual upgradations in alerts, watch-list, AML Policies. It facilitates bank to effectively comply with statutory AML Compliance with below functionality:

  • Customer Identification Process.
  • Suspicious Transaction (STR) Monitoring Engine.
  • Case Management.
  • Risk Categorization of customers.
  • STR whitelisting approval workflow.
  • Alerts, Notifications and Reporting.
  • Regulatory AML Compliance Statements, e-Filings.
  • Analytics for Suspicious Activity, Pattern Analysis, Behavioural Analysis.
  • Audits & Investigation.

The state-of-art AML solution with below key features deliver streamlined AML process, Risk Management and Statutory Compliance:

  • Centralized Data Warehouse, Embedded ETL tool.
  • Automated and Scheduled Extraction Processes.
  • Parameterized and Configurable Data Models.
  • Configurator Tool to configure business logics.
  • Continual upgradation for ever changing statutory compliances.
  • Seamless Integration with TrustBankCBS Modules; Eliminates need for missing data building as TrustBankCBS solution captures almost all data required to generate AML Reports and Compliance.
  • Mobile Based Alerts, Notifications and Dashboards.

TrustBankCBS AML facilitates BFSI to protect itself against threats of terror financing, counterfeiting, money-laundering. With TrustBankCBS AML facilitates the BFSI to overcome vulnerabilities of rigid penalties and reputation loss.

  • Automated Data Extraction from branches across multiple geographics for unified business operations.
  • Centralized Parameterizations; Standardization of AML Monitoring process across branches.
  • Access to research, sophisticated modeling approaches, latest data analysis tools and techniques.
  • Minimizations of total cost of AML management through institutionalized best practices.
  • Process assessment & recommendations to comply with regulations.
  • Improving employee awareness by imparting customized anti money laundering training.
  • Monitor & detect terrorist / money laundering / suspicious activities of customers.
  • Better Risk Management and control.


Small Finance Bank

Small Finance Banks offers excellent technology solutions to enable bank to support financial needs for Small and Medium Businesses, Unorganized Sector and Low-Income Household Sector.

Deposit Management

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Deposit Management Products.

International Bank Of Liberia

International Bank (Liberia) Limited Implements TrustBankCBS Core Banking, Reporting, Multi currency and Business Intelligence Solutions to enhance Customer Services.