Business Intelligence

Realizing the full potential of BI for rise in efficiency & profitability.

TrustBankCBS BI Solutions provides various analytics techniques, tools AND creates interactive, real-time data visualizations. The data visualizations are designed for various levels covering the KRA at respective levels of management and managers.

The complete application stack in-built in TrustBankCBS along with power BI solution, eliminates challenges of multiple disparate systems and up-hill task integrating disparate systems and maintain uniform data repository. TrustBankBI solutions enables the BFSI to identify patterns, analyse trends from historical data.

TrustBankCBS BI have easy-to-use interfaces, domain best practices, pre-configured scenarios. This differentiates TrustBankCBS BI, from other Third Party external BI tools characterizing steep learning curves, expensive BI tool licenses AND huge implementation and maintenance cost.

TrustBankCBS BFSI customer have benefited from BI solutions for Decision Support, Comparative Product Performance, Analysis of Targets and Achievements of branches and staff etc. TrustBankCBS BI is available on browser based interface on Desktop AND Android App on smartphones. The various solutions available in TrustBankCBS BI includes:

  • Management Cockpit: Centralized and Consolidated BI reporting for real-time monitoring of important parameters like Cash Flow, Fund Flow, CD Ratio, Priority Sector Lending, Weaker Sector Lending, Loan Loss (NPA) % etc..
  • Analytika: A graphical tool for comparative and consolidated analysis of Branches across various Assets, Liabilities, P&L heads for historical data.
  • Configure & Launch various deposit and loans products.
  • Ratio Analysis: A powerful took with in-built formula builder, which facilitates management to modify the pre-configured industry standard ratios configured.
  • KRA Analysis: An innovative BI tool to set operational targets for branches, staff and retrieve almost real-time achievements against the set targets.
  • Analytica: Unique Customer Id across the Bank.
  • Pi Charts: Dashboards with Drill down facility on important ALM Buckets like Deposit Maturity Pattern, Loans Repayment Pattern, Funds utilization.

TrustBankCBS offers user-friendly, economical BI platform to the BFSI and ensures quick and accurate implementation. TrustBankCBS BI Solutions offers various below key features:

  • Shares Uniform Platform with TrustBankCBS Solution Suite.
  • In-built and pre-configured ETL tools, Data warehouse on TrusBanksCBS platform.
  • Automated and Scheduled Extraction Processes.
  • Parameterized and Configurable Data Visualizations.
  • Configurable and Scalable Solutions.
  • Process Automations, Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Real-time and accurate BI generated with no manual interventions or manual processes.
  • Entity wise and Consolidated Statements and Graphical Analysis.
  • Data visualizations for different management levels and access control through user management.
  • The BI Solution is available on Browser on Desktop AND also Android App.
  • Uniform Platform; Seamless integration with TrustBankCBS.

TrustBankCBS BI improves profitability of BFSI by minimizing revenue leakages, increasing revenues, optimizing enterprise resources. The value delivered to BI customer includes:

  • A 360 degree view of Branch and Bank operations.
  • Decision support for launch & continuation of profitable products.
  • Decision support for empowering profitable and performing branches.
  • Better Funds Management, Investments, Income Vs Expenditure Analysis, Asset & Liability Management with Loans recovery pattern, Deposit Maturity Pattern..
  • In time health monitoring of BFSI with Ratio Analysis.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention.
  • Improved Staff Efficiency and Motivation.
  • Easy and Accurate Data Processing.
  • Risk Management and Compliances.
  • Real-time reporting.
  • Enhanced Work Efficiency.


Nidhi company

Solutions To fully customize, Banking and finance management features added to insight and in-depth knowledge of industry tasks to achieve and run business more efficiently.

Digital Banking Interfaces

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Digital Banking Products.

Gandhibag Sahakari Bank

Implements TrustBankCBS Core Banking Software with Clearing, Mandates Clearing System, for Statutory Compliance, Business Intelligence for Decision Support.