General Ledger, Financial Accounting

Complete Solution for General Ledger, Financial Accounting.

TrustBankCBS General Ledger and Financial Accounting (GLFA) Management functionality provides control and integration of financial information to BFSI.

TrustBankCBS GLFA provides ability to centrally track financial accounting data within a framework of multiple products, branches and currencies.

The GLFA functionality is the heart of TrustBankCBS Banking software. Integrated with other functionality of Deposits, Loans, Charges, Income, Expenditure, Payroll, Cash Management etc; GLFA provides a central pool of accounting data required for Financial Statements (TB, P&L, Balance Sheet) and Statutory Compliance Reports.

GLFA Data is summaried and presented in Graphical Interface in Business Intelligence Solution for Analysis, Planning and Decision Support.

The important components of GLFA are:

  • Chart of Accounts Set-up.
  • Integration with Banking Products of Loans & Deposits in Assets, Liabilities.
  • Integration with Income, Expenditure transactions.
  • Cash Management.
  • Asset management for Capital Assets, transferring depreciation details.
  • Provisioning for Income, Expenditure, Loan Losses.
  • Various transaction types and Transaction Description Codes which identifies different categories of transactions such as journal voucher, Interest Payments, Interest Income, Cash & Transfer Transactions, Service Charges Invoices, Tax Codes.
  • Year End Closings
  • And many more...

Below Key Features enable BFSI to avail maximum benefits of ERP Modules:

  • Integration with other TrustBankCBS functionality and modules.
  • Pre-configured Scenario, Best Industry Practices in Implementation.
  • Configurable and Scalable Solutions.
  • Process Automations, Comprehensive Reporting.
  • Uniform Platform; Seamless integration with TrustBankCBS.
  • Availability of Reconciliation Tools & Reporting.
  • Maintain Organization Hierarchies, User Levels and Access Privileges.
  • Easy-to-use and Simple GUI; Secured Solution.
  • 24 X 7, Real-time and Online Availability.
  • Branch wise and consolidated Financial Statements, Reports.

The Finance and Accounting department in every BFSI is indispensable. The GLFA provides unique benefit to BFSI:

  • Provide BFSI a 360-degree view of the entire organization.
  • improving the wealth, profit margin .
  • Optimized Processes ensures minimizing expenses, promoting savings .
  • Ensuring profitable investments and optimum funds management.
  • Increasing the value of the Bank.
  • Creation of Wealth for Members, share holders.
  • Timely Compliances to statutory regulations and filings..


User Administration and Security

Solutions governed by both local and international standards. It follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines for financial accounting.

Offshore Banks

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Offshore Banking Products.

Pune Urban Bank

Pune Urban Co-operative Bank (PUCBL) implements TrustBankCBS on Cloud Based ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) Platform; with focus on Digital Banking Channels .

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