Agency Banking

Scale up the Business with Branchless Banking thro' Agent Network.

TrustBankCBSAgency Banking Solution Facilitates Branchless Banking Service to BFSI. The ‘Agency Banking’ facilitate growth in Banking business, Customer base without expenses for setting up Branches or expensive ATM Network. The ‘Agency Banking’ facilitate the services of Personalized Banking thro’ Agents Network, door-step banking and enhance customer acquisition.

The ‘Agency Banking’ is an android App which can be easily installed on Agent’s Smartphone with OTP based authentication on Agent’s registered mobile number AND IMEI number of the smartphone.

The on-field Agent Transactions are reflected real-time in CBS. The real-time SMS alert of deposit to Customer mobile for on-field transactions, brings in transparency and confidence to customers. BFSI can centrally set and control Agent’s daily collection limit, and trasaction amount limit.

Various Solutions Features Supported by Agency Banking includes:

  • Customer Registration.
  • Account Opening.
  • Balance Checks, Mini Statements.
  • Collections.
  • Withdrawals.
  • Overdraft against Term Deposits.
  • Agent-Customer Grouping; Agent wise daily collection demand.
  • Customer Registration and Account Opened Reports.
  • Setting Up Agent Control Account and Transaction and Daily Balance Limits.
  • Cash In / Cash Out for Multiple account types.
  • Facility to serve Customers of All Agents, All Branch.
  • Agent Ledger; Agent Transaction Reports.
  • Complete Solution for Agent Commission Set-up and Computation.

Below Key Features enable BFSI to avail maximum benefits of ‘Agency Banking’ solution:

  • Android Mobile App for Latest Android OS and Smartphones.
  • Integration with other TrustBankCBS functionality and modules.
  • Pre-configured Scenario, Best Industry Practices in Implementation.
  • Configurable and Scalable Solutions.
  • Online System with Real-time posting and monitoring of on-field operations.
  • Access to real-time account ledgers and account balances.
  • 24 X 7 field operations with Value Date based transactions after branch EOD.
  • Availability of Reconciliation Tools & Reporting
  • Easy-to-use and Simple GUI; Secured Solution
  • SMS Based Transaction Alerts, Integration of Bluetooth Printers for receipt printing.

TrustBankCBS‘Agency Banking’ enabled banks to expand it Banking operations to unbanked areas without any CAPEX expenditure. The ‘Agency Banking’ solution, with proper checks and safeguards as perorganization policies, automates completion onField Agent Operations. TrustBankCBSis a real-time solution and have delivered below benefits to BFSI:

  • Paperless and automated Work Flow
  • 360-degree view of Field Agent Operations & Transactions.
  • Manage & Grow Agent Network
  • Reduction in operational Cost, Performance Based Commission to Agents
  • No need of expensive infrastructure for Branches and Mechanized delivery channels.
  • Higher Customer Convenience, Satisfaction and Retention
  • Financial Inclusion and Reach to unbanked demography and unbanked geography.
  • Elimination of duplicity of work; Efficiency in operations
  • Business Growth, Growth in Liquidity and Profitability.
  • Better Control, Decision Support to Management


Islamic Banking

Solutions governed by both local and international standards. It follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines for financial accounting.

Know Your Customer

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various KYC Products.

Kashipur Urban Bank

Kashipur Urban Coop. Bank Ltd, (In Uttarakhand, India) implements TrustBankCBS Core Banking Solution with Agency Banking, AML solutions to better Customer Acquisition.