Comprehensive Treasury Managment Solution for Corporate Treasury Teams

TrustBankCBS ‘Treasury’ module offers service-oriented solution for Treasury, Securities & Derivatives management. It provides comprehensive front-to-end office capabilities with cross-product processing of a wide range of financial instruments. In an integrated system it can process and complex derivatives, fixed income, and equity & treasury trades.

TrustBankCBS ‘Treasury’ module combines integration across financial instruments across the different functions within a financial institution. As a result, it is the ideal solution for BFSI looking to reduce costs through adopting a centralized approach to business processes, system operations and data consolidation.

The Treasury module automates following Treasury products and services by bank to its customers:

  • Core Treasury
  • Trading & Back office processing
  • Capital Market
  • Cash Management
  • Middle Office risk & control
  • Market data analysis & trade pricing
  • Limits monitoring
  • Back Office operations
  • Settlements
  • Accounting
  • MIS & Regulatory Compliance reporting.

Below Key Features enable BFSI to avail maximum benefits of Treasury Modules:

  • Integration with other TrustBankCBS functionality and modules
  • Pre-configured Scenario, Best Industry Practices in Implementation
  • Configurable and Scalable Solutions
  • Multi-currency Operations, SWIFT Integration
  • Process Automations, Comprehensive Reporting
  • Uniform Platform; Seamless integration with TrustBankCBS
  • Availability of Reconciliation Tools & Reporting
  • Easy-to-use and Simple GUI; Secured Solution
  • 24 X 7, Real-time and Online Availability
  • Mobile based BI, Dashboards, Notifications and Reporting.

TrustBankCBS have enabled banks to expand treasury operations, with proper checks and safeguards by stringent application of BFSI policies. TrustBankCBS Treasury Solutions have delivered below benefits to BFSI:

  • Paperless and automated Work Flow
  • 360-degree view of Treasury and Bank Operations.
  • Integrated with Third Party Systems
  • Higher productivity, Lower overhead costs
  • Quick-Decisions and swift processes.
  • Elimination of duplicity of work; Efficiency in operations
  • Statutory Compliance
  • Better Control, Decision Support to Management


Co-operative Banks

Developing new platforms to foster innovation for Banks and Financial Institution to thrive in emerging dynamic world.

Loan Origination

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various LOS Products.

Parijaat Co-op Society

PCCS selected TrustBankCBS for implementation at its all branches and Corporate Office.