Online Banking Channels

Robust, Personalised ,transparent, self-serviced Banking Experience to customer.

TrustBankCBS Online Banking Solutions enables BFSI to provide Self service, Omni-Channel Solutions for Account Management to its customers.

Addition of various online banking channels helps BFSI to achieve higher customer satisfaction, minimize per transaction cost to BFSI, 24 x 7 Banking, higherbusiness per staff.

By harnessing the power of Technology, TrustBankCBS have enabled banks to add new dimensions to customer services by adding below online Banking solutions like:

  •         Internet Banking.

  •         Mobile Banking.

  •         E-commerce (Cardless Merchant Transactions).

  •         M-Passbook (Mobile based Passbook).

TrustBankCBS facilitates BFSI to offer 24 X 7 banking services, and helps BFSI to maintain pace with the market and competitors.

TrustBankCBS have provided interface to variety of service providers in 'Mobile Switching Network' and 'EFT Switching networks' in respective nations. Various self-service Online Banking solutions provides Complete Online Banking experience with services like:

  • Transfer to other banks, Utility Bills Payments, New Term Deposit Accounts, Account Renewals, Cheque Book Requests...
  • Customer Services of KYC Compliance, Account Details, Mini Statement, Reckoners for Term Deposits & Loans...
  • The Payment Gateway integration enables to make Online E-commerce transactions.
  • M-Passbook is a unique mobile app for all customer with limited to access to only account based services and notifications without any transactions.

TrustBankCBS have enabled BFSI, to bring in innovations and implement latest technology for digital transformation of its banking services. The various key features of TrustBankCBS offering which made this transformation easy and effective includes:

  • Simple, Easy-to-Use user interface, Secure.
  • Mobile App supports all leading Mobile OS i.e. Android, IOS, Windows.
  • All mobile APP are audited by experienced IS Auditors and have are VAPT Certified.
  • Vast experience of developing adapters with various digital banking platforms.
  • Interfaces are developed on global standard protocols like ISO 8583.
  • TrustBankCBS have been already interfaced with most of the global, regional or national Payment / Digital Banking platforms world-wide.
  • Availability of separate trace logs, and reporting for Transactions performed through multiple online Banking channels.

TrustBankCBS have enabled banks to achieve digital transformation in Banking. This digital transformation have presented benefits to bank which includes:

  • 24 X 7 real-time online banking services.
  • Promotes branch less banking; Higher Business Mix per employee for Banks.
  • Compliance to digital banking services as mandated by Statutory Bodies in respective nations.
  • Reduced operational and support cost.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction & Retention.
  • Introduction of latest, innovative and technology enabled new digital channels to BFSI’s banking services portfolio.
  • Improved Brand Value for Bank, Greater Business Opportunity; Higher Profitability.


Bussiness Intelligence

Transforming data into actionable insights that helps financial business more informed and decisive. Pre-packaged BI tools to deliver data-driven business performance.

Credit Unions/SACCOS

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various SACCOS Products.

Pune People's Bank

Pune Peoples Bank Implements TrustBankCBS Core Banking, Mobile Banking, GST Compliance and Business Intelligence Solutions to enhance Customer Services.