Nidhi Company

Core Banking software for Nidhi Cos.

Nidhi Company is a 'early-stage start up' Finance Business, a type of Non-Banking Finance Company. It's a easy way to enter 'Finance Business' to young entrepreneurs and have minimum requirements of Members and paid-up capital. Nidhi Company has to operate under restrictions of geography, no. of branches, Loan/Deposit Products and Interest rates offered etc. Nidhi company have minimum compliance reporting BUT have to strictly maintain the regulatory Ratios, only secured Loans, Loan Purposes, Loan Security, Maximum Deposit Amount.

TrustBankCBS offers off-the-shelf banking software, on online 'Software as a Service (rental) platform' to Nidhi Companies. The SaaS platform ensure zero Capex, minimum recurring cost, 99.99% uptime with no maintenace, quick launch of business with a very short period of time i.e. within a week from registration. TrustBankCBS for 'Nidhi Company' have pre-configured parameters complying to the business rules by regulators; AND we keep upgrading those parameters with continuous changes in regulatory environment and business rules for Nidhi Companies.


TrustBankCBS Nidhi Company Solution offers complete end-to-end functionality to automate the business. The below solutions are fully compliant to regulatory business rules:

  • Savings Deposits, Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits with Interest Rates, Max allowed Deposit Amount, tenure complying to regulatory requirements.
  • Secured Term Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loans complying to regulatory requirements.
  • Statutory Compliance Ratios and Reports.
  • Members Registration, Member Shares Management, Paid-up share capital.
  • Loan Origination with Document Management for Loans.
  • General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Financial Statements and exhaustive MIS.

Key Features:

  • Browser based Application; Secured Access 24 X 7 for online operations.
  • Maker-Checker Workflow
  • Easy-to-use, User Friendly UI
  • Light and optimized Application, Optimized Bandwidth requirement.
  • Economical SaaS based solution.
  • Cloud Based SaaS model with 99.99% uptime for Data Center & DR Site.
  • Pre-configured work-flow; Industry Best Practices.
  • Graphical Analysis, Dashboards.
  • Continual updates to comply to ever evolving statutory compliance reporting environment .

Value Delivered:

  • Effective Control of Business Operations.
  • Practically Zero Capex, Minimum Opex Cost.
  • Plug & Play Solution; Quick Implementation within 7 days of registration.
  • 360 degree view of customer.
  • Increased Revenues, optimized expenses, Increased Profitability.


Retail & Corporate Banking

Solutions governed by both local and international standards. It follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines for financial accounting.

Statutory Compliance

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Complaince Products.

Parijaat Co-operative Society

The main focus of PCCS is to provide lending to small businesses in unorganized sector and to provide doorstep and personalized Banking services to underprivileged individual customers.