Offshore Bank

Core Banking software for Offshore Banks

TrustBankCBS is a comprehensive core banking software platform for Offshore Banks. It enables offshore banks to orient its business operations to launch the products and services to customers outside the jurisdiction of its establishments.

TrustBankCBS offers Robust, scalable platform with Multi-Currency Accounts, Multi-currency Financial Accountings, SWIFT Integration. It enables Offshore Banks to provide loans, deposit products, wire transfer services in a range of currencies U.S. Dollars, Swiss Francs, British Pounds or Euros.

TrustBankCBS offers complete statutory compliance solution with AML Solution, FATF blacklist, Global Terrorists List, Customer Identification (Know-Your-Customer) Details with FATCA Compliant Information.

Although the "Offshore Banks" is known for flexibility of "No Tax on Income", TrustBankCBS offers customized solutions to meet the requirements of regulatory compliances requirement for Tax Authorities of respective countries.

TrustBankCBS offers digital banking interfaces with International Payment Networks like VISA, MasterCard. The self-service channels like Debit Cards, Mobile Banking, Mobile Passbook provides 24 X 7 real-time banking experience to customers.


Offshore Banks benefits from TrustBankCBS agile solutions and services, specially designed for this segment. It includes:

  • Deposits Management: Savings Deposits, Terms Deposits, Recurring Deposits in multiple currencies.
  • Retail Lending Management: Terms Loans with configurable product parameters, currencies and documentation for various loan purposes viz. Personal Home Financing, Residential Mortgages, Gold Loans.
  • Corporate Lending Management: Business Loans against commercial mortgages, real-estate loans.
  • Configurable Charges Engine for Setting up and Applying various charges on products and services.
  • Multi-Currency Accounts, Multi-Currency Transactions.
  • General Ledger, Financial Accounting with Local & Multi-currency operations.
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Digital Banking Services Channel.
  • Self-Service Online Banking Channels of Mobile Banking, Internet Banking.
  • Business Intelligence Solutions with Graphical Analysis for real-time Bank Operations, Projections & Forecasting, Staff/branches KRA Monitoring, Trend Analysis of Historical Data.
  • KYC Compliant solutions of Anti-Money Laundering, FATF blacklist, Global Terrorists List, Customer Identification (Know-Your-Customer) Details with FATCA Compliant Information.

Key Features:

  • Robust Architecture.
  • Browser based Uniform Interface across all solutions; Easy-to-use, User Friendly UI.
  • Light and optimized Application, Optimized Bandwidth and Infrastructure requirement.
  • Pre-configured Banking Products, Innovative Solutions.
  • Open Architecture, API Based Integration with Third Party Systems
  • Effective Funds & Investment Management.
  • Digital Banking, Payment, Self-service Channels.
  • Embedded Reports Configurators, Ad-hoc Reports Builder.
  • Graphical Analysis, Dashboards.
  • Continual Upgradations to latest technology and trends in modern banking.
  • Continual updates to comply to ever evolving statutory compliance reporting environment.
  • Quick Implementation with Industry Best Practices.

Value Delivered:

  • 360 degree view of customer.
  • 360 degree view of branch and bank operations.
  • Sound & Quick decision making based on Analytics.
  • Increased Revenues, optimized expenses, Increased Profitability.
  • Increased Efficiency, Increased Staff Motivation.
  • Increased Members & Customer Satisfaction, Retention.
  • Decline in Operations & Support Cost in Banking Services.
  • Optimized utilization of resources.
  • Minimize revenue leakages; Saving on unnecessary expenditure.


Trade Finance

Solutions governed by both local and international standards. It follows Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) guidelines for financial accounting.

User Administration and Security

TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Administration Products.

Beredina Microfinance

Berendina Micro Investments Company Ltd., Sri Lanka, Implements TrustBankCBS Core Microfinance Solution, and Business Intelligence Solutions to enhance Customer Services