Saccos / Credit Union

CBS for Credit Society (Saccos) / Credit unions

Most of the SACCOS/Credit Unions world-wide are the co-operative association of member belonging to a common geography or employer. ‘Member Shares Management’ solution of TrustBankCBS Suite, enables Saccos/Credit unions to automate the complete workflow for Membership. TrustBankCBS Solution suite customized for this segment, enables Saccos to provide all Retail Banking services with emphasis on member deposit and member loan services.

Over the years, TrustBankCBS have been part of growth story of various forms of Co-operative societies viz:

  •          Savings & Credit Co-operative Societies.

  •          Credit Unions.

  •          Employee Credit Society / Unions.

  •          Diaspora Credit Co-operative Societies.

  • TrustBankCBS offers 24 X 7 real-time access to members with Self-Service channels like Mobile Banking and Mobile Passbook. TrustBankCBS is integrated with ‘Mobile Money’ platforms, ‘Mobile Wallets’ to enable members to online transfer the funds for E-commerce transactions and Utility Payments.

    For SACCOS/Credit Unions providing Foreign Exchange Sell/Purchase services, TrustBankCBS offers complete Forex Management Solution. The Forex Management Solution maintains Foreign Currency Balance, along with accounting in Local Currency, Income/loss in the Forex Sale/purchase operations and Income/loss due to Forex rates fluctuations.

    TrustBankCBS offers customized solutions for Statutory Reporting to abiding to the Reports requirements of Co-operative Registrar in respective provinces / countries.


    TrustBankCBS offers configurable platform enabling SACCOS to fulfill its objective to design loan products, which offers access to affordable credit to members. Various Solutions offered by TrustBankCBS to Saccos / credit unions includes:

    • Member Registration, Member Shares Management.
    • Unique Customer Identification Code, Know Your Customer (KYC).
    • Online Loan Application, Loan Origination, Application Processing & Document Management.
    • Various Types of Member Loans.
    • CASA accounts.
    • Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Daily Deposits.
    • Self-service Online Banking channels viz.: Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Mobile Passbook.
    • General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Investments, Financial Statements for Branches and Saccos / Credit Union.
    • Agency Banking for Onfield Operations & Doorstep services for customer acquisitions, collections, disbursements, overdraft.
    • Statutory Compliance Reporting.
    • Enterprise Applications:HRMS & Payroll, Fixed Assets & Inventory Management, Reconciliation, SMS & Email Gateway Integrations.
    • General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Financial Statements.
    • Forex Sale / Purchase Operations.
    • Retail Banking – Branch Banking Services to customers along with Inter-branch transactions facility for all retail banking branch operations.
    • User Management with Two Factor Authentication, Biometric authentication for Login, Digital Signing, Audit Trail.
    • Digital Banking viz.: Mobile Money, Mobile Wallet, RTGS/NEFT, ECS, NACH and many more…

    Key Features:

    • Agile & Scalable Architecture.
    • Agency Banking App for online, real-time field operations.
    • Browser based Application at Branches provides real-time picture of Field Operation.
    • Light and optimized Application, Optimized Bandwidth and Infrastructure requirement.
    • Pre-configured work-flow; Industry Best Practices.
    • IpSec VPN and SSL VPN for Branch and Field Agents connectivity with Datacenter.
    • Open Architecture; API Based Access to Third Party Systems.
    • Maker-Checker Workflow; Central Approvals for Field Activities through Agency Banking.
    • Digital Banking, Payment, Self-service Channels.
    • Embedded Reports Configurators, Ad-hoc Reports Builder.
    • Graphical Analysis, Dashboards.
    • Continual Upgradations to latest technology and trends in modern banking.
    • Continual updates to comply to ever evolving statutory compliance reporting environment.
    • Minimized Connectivity Cost; Mobile Internet sufficient for Field Operations;.
    • Cloud Based SaaS model with 99.99% uptime for Data Center & DR Site.
    • Vast Experience of NBFC Software Implementation

    Value Delivered:

    • Optimized Software; Minimum bandwidth and infrastructure; Thus reduced recurring cost toward infrastructure.
    • Effective Control of Field Operations.
    • Block revenue leakages; Saving on unnecessary expenditure.
    • 360 degree view of customer.
    • 360 degree view of branch and bank operations.
    • Sound & Quick decision making based on Analytics.
    • Increased Members & Customer Satisfaction, Retention.
    • Decline in Operations & Support Cost in Banking Services.
    • Optimized utilization of resources.
    • Sound & Quick decision making based on Analytics.
    • Increased Revenues, optimized expenses, Increased Profitability.
    • Increased Efficiency, Increased Staff Motivation.


    Digital Banking and Interfaces

    Digital banking solution provides seamless services across all devices thereby minimizing development costs and maintenance is highly crucial.

    Bussiness Intelligence

    TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various BI Products.

    URA SACCOS,Tanzania

    URA Saccos - Tanzania Implements TrustBankCBS Core Banking, Mobile Banking, Statutory Reporting and Business Intelligence Solutions to enhance Customer Services.