Micro Finance

Core Banking software for Micro Finance

TrustBankCBS offers a Online and reliable platform to MFI to offer unique micro-finance products and services to its customers. MFI are often faced with uphill task of providing banking services to unprivileged and unbanked customers.

TrustBankCBS Agency Banking solution is customized for MFI and is a perfectly crafted solution for field operations by field agents and credit officer. The Agency Banking mobile app offers on-field customer/group on-boarding, KYC Compliance, Field Operations automation. The integrated TrustBankCBS backbone system facilitates approvals to field transactions AND other banking solutions and operations to MFI.TrustBankCBSsolution transforms MFI operations on a single, unified platform for all offices / centres.

We also offer Software as a Service (SaaS) solution on cloud to MFI. TrustBankCBS SaaS is a ready-to-start with no capex cost; minimum recurring infrastructure cost, while ensuring 99.99% uptime for Datacenter and DR Site with no infrastructure maintenance.

Specially designed for MFI, TrustBankCBS MF Solution is ideal solution for various forms of MicroFinance viz:

  • Micro Finance with only Lending Portfolio.

  • Micro Finance with Micro Savings and Caution Money Deposit Products.

  • A regular Bank with Micro Finance Products.

  • Solutions:

    Some of the key solutions specially designed for MFI Segment are provided below:

    • Member Registration, KYC Compliance, Group Creation, Approvals.
    • Credit Bureau Ratings Check.
    • Group Loan Applications, Loan Origination.
    • Individual Member Loans, Group Loans for Self Help Group (SHG), Joint Liability Group (JLG).
    • Field Meeting Workflow such as Scheduling of Group Meetings, Meeting Attendance, Meeting Reports.
    • Field Transaction Workflow such as Pre-disbursement Visit, Disbursements, Post-disbursement Visit, Repayments, Account Closure, Member Transfer.
    • Enterprise Applications of GST Tax Compliance, HRMS & Payroll, Fixed Assets & Inventory Management, Reconciliation, Audit & Compliance, SMS & Email Gateway Integrations.
    • User Management with Two Factor Authentication, Digi-pass & Biometric authentication for Login, Digital Signing, Audit Trail.
    • Small Savings, Caution Money Deposit, Security Deposit Products.
    • Browser based Interfaces for In-office Operations, Agency Banking Mobile App for Field Operations.
    • Centralized Settings & Operations viz. Products Configuration, Charges Configurations, Interest Activities, Loans Ageing Classifications, Loan Loss Provisioning.
    • General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Investments, Financial Statements for Branches and organization.
    • MFI Specific MIS, Statutory Compliance Reporting.
    • Business Intelligence Solution with Management Cockpit for real-time monitoring of operations, Graphical Reports on comparative analysis of branches, products and GL Heads, Branches and Staff Performance Analysis.

    Key Features:

    • Agile & Scalable Architecture, Easy-to-use, User Friendly UI.
    • Agency Banking App for online, real-time field operations.
    • Real-time picture of Field Operation at branches; Maker-Checker Workflow, Central Approvals for Field Activities thro’ Agency Banking.
    • Light and optimized Application, Optimized Bandwidth and Infrastructure requirement.
    • Minimized Connectivity Cost; Mobile Internet sufficient for Field Operations.
    • IpSec VPN and SSL VPN for Branch and Field Agents connectivity with Datacenter.
    • Vast Experience of Micro-Finance Software Implementation.
    • Open Architecture; API Based Access to Third Party Systems.
    • Borrowings, Fund Management, Investments Management.
    • Embedded Reports Configurators, Ad-hoc Reports Builder.
    • Graphical Analysis, Dashboards.
    • Continual Upgradations to latest technology and trends in NBFC.
    • Continual updates to comply to ever evolving statutory compliance reporting environment.
    • Pre-configured work-flow; Industry Best Practices.
    • Cloud Based SaaS model with 99.99% uptime for Data Center & DR Site.

    Value Delivered:

    • Effective Control of Field Operations.
    • Optimized Software; Minimum bandwidth and infrastructure; reduced recurring expenses.
    • 360 degree view of customer.
    • 360 degree view of branch and bank operations.
    • Sound & Quick decision making based on Analytics.
    • Increased Revenues & Profitability.
    • Higher Customer Satisfaction, Retention.
    • Decline in Operations & Support Cost in Banking Services.
    • Optimized utilization of resources.
    • Minimize revenue leakages & expenditure.
    • Increased Efficiency, Increased Staff Motivation.


    Loan Origination

    Automates loan process. Loan origination system provides a comprehensive service of credit processes. It has mature set of features with a flexible approach.


    TrustBankCBS enables BFSI to augment its conventional banking products and services, WITH addition of various Treasury Management Products.

    NABARAD Financial Services

    NABFINS provides financial services in two areas – agriculture and microfinance – and is focused on catering to the underserved or people below poverty lines in a convenient way.