A complete, integrated Suite of banking software solutions on uniform platform integrated with multiple delivery channels.


TrustBankCBS offers ISO 8583 Protocol based adapters to integrate Banking Systems to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Switches for ATM and POS transactions.

By integrating with EFT switch thro’ TrustBankCBS ISO Adapters, banks can provide its customers a seamless payments experience on ATM and Merchant POS through leading payment networks viz. VISA, Mastercard, RuPay etc.

  • ATM Services
  • ATM Integration Service ATM
    POS Integration POS
    Mobile Banking or Mobile Swipe Mobile Swipe
    CNP Transactions CNP Transactions

  • Mobile Swipe Services
  • Pan India, Global Access to ATM Network
  • Integrations for purchase transactions on merchant POS globally

  • Internet Based CNP Transactions
  • Mobile Swipe provides mobile POS services to merchants. The mobile swipe reader works with smart phones.
  • Integrations to support internet based ‘Cart not Present’ transactions thro’ CSC or PIN Verification.
  • Payment Gateway, Mobile Wallet integration.